Reporting Obligations

In recent years, reporting requirements have been introduced within Europe for work assignments of non-resident companies. These reporting requirements essentially serve to avoid social dumping in the individual countries.

Contact person: Yvonne Heidler      +49 69 6603 1400

Social law: A1-Certificates

A1 certificates protect against double insurance when working in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. As of 1 January 2019, the electronic application and certification procedure for A1 forms has become mandatory.

Contact person: Monika Weltin        +49 69 6603 1417

Labour Law

Whether the employment of an employee abroad or the crossing of borders of service technicians. International situations present numerous challenges in terms of labour law. The problem is currently fuelled by the revised Posting of Workers Directive.

Contact persons:
Fabien Seus               +49 69 6603 1350
Alexandre Ratiu        +49 69 6603 1357
Dr. Christian Hess    +49 69 6603 1268


The reorganization of the quarantine rules is here. Uniformity was only partially achieved.
Companies that were registered before 15.11.2020 can log in without digital identity.
VDMA flyer provides an overview of the range of services
Notification requirements information sheets as of October 2020 are now online.
Companies should be prepared for possible changes (f. i. visa requirements)
VDMA web event on 23 November 2020 - exclusively for VDMA member companies.
Entry restrictions from Germany lifted on September 19 (as of 10/29/2020)
Bureaucratic monster hinders EU internal market
Letter campaign has lost nothing of its topicality
Quarantine and COVID-test is not required for business trips (status: 7.9.2020)
The cost per notification of an EU work assignment is estimated at an average of EUR 175.
The revised Directive will have to be transposed into the national law of the EU Member States by 30 July 2020.
On 1.7. the land borders with Spain will be opened. Then Portugal will also be freely accessible by land again. (Status 24.06.2020)
As of October 29, 2020 quarantine obligation on entry from Germany (as of October 29, 2020)
Proof of valid reasons is required on entry (Status: 29.10.2020)
VDMA web conference "EU notification requirements" informs about the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive
Unlimited border traffic since 5 June 2020 (update 08.06.2020)
Carry required documents (update 09.11.2020)
Exceptions from quarantine possible for certain assembly jobs (status 09.11.2020)
For VDMA member companies, Inhouse Mobility offers discounted conditions - also for the electronic EU reporting tool IMACS
News and event information about work assignments in Europe directly by e-mail
VDMA position paper with demands to the European Commission and EU member states
By July 30, 2020 the member states of the European Union are obliged to transpose the new labour law requirements from the revised Posting of Workers Directive into national law.
The administrative requirements for work assignments in Norway pose particular challenges for newcomers
From the 1st of March 2020, the Netherlands will introduce mandatory reporting.
The VDMA used a meeting on 13 January 2020 with the cabinet of Commissioner Schmit (Employment and Social Rights) in Brussels to explain the enormous bureaucratic effort involved in the posting of workers within the EU
At the turn of the year, various amendments to Dutch labour law come into force (selection):
The topic page "Work assignments in Europe" has been expanded in the area of Social Law: A1 Certificate to include the heading Social Security Agreements.
Old ID06 cards only valid until 21 January 2020
DIHK study on Internal Market Barriers 2019 shows existing barriers
The Posting of Workers Directive is and will remain a bureaucratic monster and will ensure that the internal market is closed off. The German Minister of Labour's plan for national implementation do not change this either.
VDMA information sheet "Reporting obligations Liechtenstein" updated in November
Application for new ID-06 cards problematic
The Italian supervisory authorities have published guidelines on controls on cross-border postings to Italy.
The meeting at the HF Mixing Group was about, among other things, how rules for the posting of skilled workers within the EU can be simplified for industrial companies.
Cross-border data exchange in the EU started on 1 July 2019.
Since Brussels is unlikely to provide any rapid bureaucratic relief when applying for the A1 certificate, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) has published a recommendation on the "Handling of the A1 certificate for short-term and short-term activities in other EU countries, the EEA states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as Switzerland" on the Internet.
Following the agreement of the European Parliament on 16 April 2019, the Council adopted on 13 June 2019 a Regulation establishing a European Labour Authority (ELA).
VDMA calls for uniform reporting requirements in the EU Member States
Here you will find information on how the A1 certificate is issued in Austria.
Many members ask themselves the following question: Is it really possible that an A1 certificate is required for a short business trip in Europe? The answer is simple, short and unsatisfactory: Yes!